Why use organic cotton?

Right from the outset, I wanted to grow a brand that stood for quality and sustainability, and so I spent many months searching for the right manufacturer, one who could help me on the road to building beautiful, great quality socks with minimal environmental impact. 

Organic cotton is simply grown without the use of pesticides from seeds which were not genetically modified, making it a solid sustainable solution for my socks.

Since organic farms do not use harmful chemicals, and use fewer resources in growing their crops, their land often stays fertile much longer than land which faces the struggles of being constantly drowned in pesticides. For organic cotton farmers, this means they often have a longer cotton commodity lifespan. 

By using fewer chemicals, they are helping to improve the health of their workers and surrounding communities a great deal. There is no worry of pesticides getting into the water supply or seeping into nearby fields, and so they have easy access to clean water, good food supply, as well as land that stays fertile for longer, because the area is not being damaged by harmful chemicals. 

Our manufacturer provided us with a certificate to show that they are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), who work to make sure that organic textiles are aiming to make people’s lives better, or at the very least, to cause them no harm. This was so important for us, because we want our socks to be ethically produced as much as possible, and help in the fight to reduce harm to the planet and people by working with those who have similar goals.