Environment- AND customer-friendly packaging

When having our socks manufactured, we had some choices around how we wanted them to be stored and packaged. Of course, we wanted the best both for our customers and for the environment, and were lucky to be given a choice that suited these needs. 

Our wrap-bands are made of recyclable cardboard, and for our customers’ convenience, there is no pesky plastic or even fabric bit to cut off, ensuring there is no chance of damaging your new socks in unpacking them. 

As a new business, we also knew there was a big chance that our socks would sit in storage for some time before we built up enough of a customer base to have them flying off the shelves. Therefore, each pair of socks is individually wrapped for quality. 

The individual wrapping is made of 100% biodegradable and compostable plastic (something we didn’t even know existed until we were given the option), so you can throw it in your compost bin or your organic waste bin.